Alan Pun

Charles and Ray Eames are my heroes in the design world, not just because of their exceptional work, but because they didn’t just stick to one thing. They were product designers, film makers, architects, graphic designers, educators. Just like them, I value eclecticism and the joy and benefits it brings, here are some of my main fields of work and interests:

Founder & Director: Animated By Us

I run a boutique video production studio that helps companies tell their stories and help explain complicated ideas in less than 90 seconds.

Selected Projects:

  • Live Action Film for Expono (link)
  • Explainer for Macrium (link)
  • Do Something Mad – Self Promotion (link)

Architecture Graduate

I studied in University of Manchester (BA, MArch) , and have worked in architecture firms in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Notable Architecture Projects:

  • ‘Rest’ for the National Trust, Manchester (link)
  • Earthbag Building School, Malawi, Africa (Pro Bono)


One of my core passions is learning languages. I currently speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin and am learning Italian.

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Alan Pun

Alan in africa

Dunham Massey Rest Bench